PT. Putranata Adi Mandiri as Sole Agent for Ametek-Spectro Scientific Product in Indonesia, was Offering total Solution for Lubrication and machine conditioning monitoring by Oil Analysis. Monitoring the lubrication systems of plant equipment is critical for optimizing performance and reducing machinery downtime. On-site oil analysis supports condition monitoring by providing immediate answers regarding the condition of any lubricated equipment. It ensures the proper lubrication of equipment and it provides early detection of wear and helps with contamination control. Product Registration-Spectro Scientific.
The diversity of equipment within an industrial site can span from 5-20,000 pieces of equipment that require lubrication. This equipment ranges from motors, drives, hydraulics, air compressors and chillers to robotic arms for discrete manufacturing systems and conveyor belts for process line control. Other equipment may include back up gen sets, firewater or process fluid pumps, powerhouses (gen sets or dedicated suppliers) as well as machine tools, valves and seals. With such a vast amount of equipment in the industrial plant, a dedicated on-site oil analysis program gives plant maintenance professionals access to immediate results, diagnostics and the ability to rapidly determine what maintenance actions are needed.
Automated Oil and Coolant Analyzer
For Transportation, Construction and Mining fleet maintenance
– MicroLab 40
– MicroLab 30
– CoolCheck 2 – Coolant & DEF
– LubeTrak – Cloud-based data reporting
Battery Powered Oil Analyzers
For quick inspection in the field
– FerroCheck 2000 – Ferrous wear
– FluidScan 1000 – IR oil condition
– MiniVisc 3000 – Kinematic viscosity
– FDM 6000 – Fuel dilution in engine oil

MiniLab Series Analyzer
Lab quality on-site oil analyzer
MiniLab EL Series
MiniLab 153
MiniLab 53
MiniLab 33
MiniLab 23
Benchtop Oil Analysis Instruments
For Oil and Fuel laboratory analysis
– SpectrOil 100 – Elemental analysis
– SpectrOil M – Elemental analysis
– LaserNet 200 – Particle analysis
– T2FM 500 – Analytical ferrography
– SpectroTrack – LIMS software

Enterprise Fluid Intelligence
TruVu 360™ simplifies and streamlines the on-site oil analysis process, so high-quality information and actionable intelligence leads to effective decision making.
TruVu 360 -Platform
Other Fluid Analyzers
For on-site and in the field fluid analysis needs
SpectrOil M (JOAP) – Elemental OES
SpectrOil M/F-W – Fuel Analysis
FluidScan 1210 – BN test of Marine oil
InfraCal2 ATR-B – Biodiesel in diesel
InfraCal2 ATR-E – Ethanol in gasoline
InfraCal2 ATR-SP – TOG/TPH in water/soil, FOG in wastewater
InfraCal2 TRANS-SP – TOG/TPH in water/soil, FOG in wastewater

Spectro Scientific Bio Diesel Analysis

Spectro Scientific Bio Diesel Analysis

Oil analysis positively affects the KPIs which include: percent uptime, percent reactive maintenance required, percent of maintenance costs over the replacement asset value, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), the amount of inventory turn and maintenance, repairs and operations (MRO) parts as well as the meantime between failures (MTBF).

Applicable fluid types across Spectro product lines↵

Today, on-site oil analysis is integral to an optimized on-site lubrication program since it reaches across the facility and affects all asset components that are lubricated. However, for many years on-site oil analysis wasn’t performed due to the large variety of rotating and reciprocating equipment within a facility and because of the different duty cycles, components and lubricants used. There was a lack of understanding about the role of oil analysis since it was often included as part of an oil company’s offerings. Also, there was a reliance on outside testing labs and poor in-house lubrication practices. Often, there was a lack of in-house expertise needed to diagnose oil analysis results and an overall lack of action when issues were discovered.