The InfraCal 2 TRANS-SP  is recommended for measuring oil in water, TPH in soil or FOG in wastewater concentration levels using the traditional EPA methods 413.2 and 418.1 or ASTM method D7066-04 and Freon-113, hydrocarbon-free grade of perchloroethylene, AK-225, S-316 or other spectroscopic infrared transparent solvent as the extracting solvent. Since the extract is deposited into a 10 mm quartz cuvette cell with Teflon stopper, light end volatile components are retained for measurement. Accurate down to 0.1 ppm.

The InfraCal 2 TRANS-SP, the latest introduction to our easy to use analyzers, uses the same measurement technology as the original InfraCal Model CVH, with added features such as data storage and transfer, multiple calibrations and password protection for instrument settings.

MDL Water:  0.1ppm
MDL Soil:  1ppm
Solvent(s):  Perchloroethylene, S-316, Freon-113
Method Compares:  EPA 1664, ISO 9377-2
Method Complies:  ASTM D7066, EPA 413.2, EPA 418.1


The fact that InfraCal Analyzers over 10 years old are still operating in the corrosive environment of an offshore oil rigs attests to their rugged, dependability.   The analysis procedure takes less than 15 minutes and can be done by minimally trained personnel.  They use the field proven infrared technology for measuring oil in water, oil content in drilling mud or drill cuttings, TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbons) in soil and FOG (fats, oil and grease) in wastewater.

Operating Principle

The InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzer makes use of the fact that hydrocarbons such as oil and grease can be extracted from water or soil through the use of an appropriate solvent and extraction procedure.  The extracted hydrocarbons absorb infrared energy at a specific wavelength and the amount of energy absorbed is proportional to the concentration of oil and grease in the solvent.  The analyzer can be calibrated to read out directly in the desired units.


Item Specifications
Analytical Wavelength/Wave Number 3.4 µm, 2930 cm-1
Power Requirements 18 volts DC, 3.3 amps, internal battery pack available
Power Supply Universal AC/DC provided
Weight 5.8 lb. (2.6 kg) with battery -7.0 lbs (3.2 kg)
Dimensions (17 cm) x 7.8″ (19.8 cm) x 5.2″ (13.2 cm)
Suggested Operating Range 40°F (5°C) – 110°F (40°C)
Measurement Range
For Water 0.1-1000+ ppm
For Soil 1-5000+ ppm
Analysis Time 10-15 minutes, including extraction process
Instrument Repeatability ±0.1 ppm
Communication Port USB, RS 232