The SpectrOil M/N-W is the military version of the SpectrOil M family of oil and fuel analysis spectrometers. It is a compact, rugged, transportable and easy to use spectrometer designed specifically for the analysis of wear metals, contaminants and additives in lubricants, hydraulic fluids and coolants. The SpectrOil M/N-W uses the time-tested and reliable rotating disc electrode (RDE) technique to measure quantities of dissolved and suspended fine particles in natural or synthetic petroleum based products and coolants.  It was tested and selected by the U.S. Government Department of Defense Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) as their solely approved oil analysis spectrometer.

Key Features
• Only elemental spectrometer tested and approved to meet Department of Defense JOAP CID-0191 Specification and approved for use by JOAP
• No sample preparation
• 30-second analysis time
• Bench-top and transportable
• Analyzes all elements simultaneously
• Simple to operate without special training or background
• Requires no special utilities or gases, only AC power
• Optional transit case for easy transportation

Product Models and National (NATO) Stock Numbers (NSN)

Stock Number Configuration
6650-01-535-4271 15 Elements
6650-01-415-1767 15 Elements with Transit case
6650-01-535-4276 20 Elements
6650-01-535-4273 20 Elements with Transit case


Unlike other SpectrOil models such as MCW, MFW or the 100 series, SpectrOil MNW uses special consumables and standards to ensure data correlation to all historical and current JOAP data. The graphite rods and discs, standards as well as the calibration routine are all approved by JOAP to ensure the highest data integrity for JOAP.

Part Number Description
M97200 Graphite Discs, 500, JOAP only
M97201 Graphite Rod, 50, JOAP only
M90909 Aluminum Boat sample holder
D19-0 Base Oil
D12-100 12 elements, 100ppm
D3-100 Zn, Mo, B, 100ppm
CS-24-100-200G 24 elements, 10ppm, JOAP 20 elements calibration only
SMA-900-200G 5 elements, 900ppm, JOAP 20 elements calibration only