A Holistic Approach to On-site Oil Analysis

TruVu 360™ Enterprise Fluid Intelligence simplifies and streamlines the on-site oil analysis process, so high-quality information and actionable intelligence leads to effective decision making.

  • Closes the gap between recommendations on the oil analysis report, maintenance actions taken and findings for continuous improvement
  • Offers an intelligence dashboard so management has visibility into the effectiveness of the global program



TruVu 360 Real-time Fluid Intelligence platform delivers real benefits that meet business goals and objectives:


  • real-time reporting enables immediate decision making
  • rapid feedback for continuous improvement

  • Highest quality information from freshly collected samples
  • simple process with fewer hand offs ensure higher quality data
  • lab-quality results on-site without the complexity of a traditional lab

  • intuitive interface with built-in intelligence
  • simple flow minimizes human error

  • closed loop feedback improves diagnostic accuracy over time
  • dashboard for management views of cost savings and program key performance indicators (KPIs)

The TruVu 360™ platform manages process, information flow and an intelligence dashboard with two components:

  • TruVu 360 Cloud Based Software
  • TruVu 360 Device Console (TDC) with Minilab Test System


Achieve More with Global Access to Local Intelligence

TruVu 360 Enterprise Fluid Intelligence addresses the need for standardizing workflows on a global scale and sharing data and intelligence across the enterprise.

  • One, standard on-site oil analysis process
  • High-quality, actionable information applied locally to improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Global intelligence accessible by users and management for continuous improvement


A True View of Process, Information and Intelligence

A Simple Path from Data to Intelligence

Intuitive TriVector™

Representation of oil analysis diagnostics.

TruVu 360 Report

Includes TriVector chart, historical data showing trending, diagnostics and recommendations.

TruVu 360 trending chart and historical sample data

TriVector chart, diagnostics and recommendations for the sample data is also shown.

Adaptive Rules Engine

  • Open architecture allows user to easily customize rules for continuous improvement.
  • Built-in limit tables for common components, customizable for each asset.
  • Automate alarm code, diagnostics and recommendation from rule engine.

TruVu 360 solutions address common hurdles in implementing on-site oil analysis.

Conventional On-Site Lab TruVu 360 Solutions
High capital investment TruVu 360 enabled MiniLab costs about 1/3 of a full size laboratory
Large space and special facilities needed Tabletop with no special facility requirements
Uses Hazmat chemicals No hazardous chemicals and reagents, small sample volume, minimum waste stream
Lubricant experience required TriVector report, built-in oil scheduling, easy-to-use testing interface, default component and alarm limit templates, open rule engine for quick startup and continuous improvement
Start up time can take months TruVu 360 based MiniLab start up is less than one week

TruVu 360 Device Console Simplifies On-Site Testing