SpectroTrack is an Information Management System (IMS) optimized for laboratories that specialize in the analysis of in-service (used) lubricants for machine condition monitoring. The browser-based system is the ideal tool for accessing historical and trend information about an organization’s high-value assets. The software provides a single end-to-end view of a sample lifecycle from sample submission and receipt to results entry. The software also provides all trending, imaging, numerical and textual asset data in one secure location. Clients can see a comprehensive, historical view of fluid condition for an engine, department or an entire fleet.

SpectroTrack comes fully integrated with the Spectro Scientific instrument line including:

  • Spectroil Q100 Oil Analysis Spectrometer
  • SpectroLNF Q200 Particle Shape Classifier and Particle Counter
  • SpectroVISC Viscometer
  • FluidScan Handheld Lubricant Condition Monitor